USA Risks

A&B Insurance Group have utilised their Marine and Corporate insurance expertise, as well as their vast experience in placing US based risks for both direct clients as well as for US based insurance brokers, by way establishing a dedicated US brokerage which operates from the state of Texas.

Situated in Houston, in the centre of the US Energy corridor, American Risks Inc. focuses on providing specialist risk advice and insurance coverage for the Marine Cargo, Logistics and Energy sectors.

Our US brokerage has the advantage over it’s competition of being able to place risks either in the US, or in the London market through it’s UK sister company, which means that our American clients get the best cover available, with the most suitable insurer. Lloyds of London is still renowned for being the global hub of Marine and Energy insurance, and so being able to maintain control of our client’s insurance (rather than having to pass the risk to a third party broker as is standard practice) ensures we are able to provide a seamless and efficient service for both our direct and broker US clients.

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