About us

Formed in 1990, A&B Insurance Group have grown through strategic development, into a leading provider of insurance and risk management services to the Corporate and Marine sectors.

Based in Manchester, we service a broad range of clients business throughout the UK, US and Europe. Our insurance teams located in both the UK and US are extremely experienced in all fields of insurance and risk management.

Much more than Insurance Brokers

At the core of our service to our Corporate clients is a Risk Management audit process that helps you to identify, quantify and cover every risk that can affect your business. Using specially developed software, we review every aspect of your business with you, highlight and assess the risks that exist, and advise you how to deal with them. We will then help you to maintain insurance cover through our programme of regular review meetings.

Dedicated personal service

As an A&B client, your account will be managed by a dedicated Director, who will ensure that the service you receive goes far beyond just technical product-based advice. You will also be allocated a dedicated internal Account Manager who will deal with day-to-day matters and be your regular point of contact. This helps maintain a strong working relationship and ensures you don’t have to speak to various members of a big team, who may not be familiar with all aspects of your business, thus ensuring a much more efficient and personal service. This means you will not have to deal with a “team”, but will have personal contact with two individuals who will know your account and your insurance arrangements inside out. And because insurance emergencies don’t always happen in office hours, your account director will be available on a 24-hour basis.

Cost effective solutions

Our aim at A&B is not to just provide you with the cheapest insurance cover possible. We certainly strive to achieve the lowest premiums available for your risk, yet not at the expense of cover reduction nor credible insurer. Our cost options are alway consistent with the quality of cover that we believe your business needs. But our essential service to you is to make sure that you are adequately covered for all the risks that we have identified, and to maintain that coverage as cost-effectively as possible for as long as you are in business.

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